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Why Zeit & Geist Editing?

When the word zeitgeist is broken into two parts, these words capture part of the spectrum of speculative fiction: time (zeit) and ghosts (geist). For science fiction, fantasy, and everything in-between — from time travel to a time two hundred years in the future — from magic spells to magical realism — there is so much rich story to tell through fiction.

But the zeitgeist of fiction is about more than just what's selling now: in writing and reading we use the invention of other worlds to explore humanity's burning questions.


Behind Zeit & Geist Editing

Zeit & Geist Editing is operated by me, Hannah Phillips. My passions include writing, writing with others, reading others' writing, and helping others with their writing. I've completed programs in both writing (The Writer's Studio, Simon Fraser University) and editing (Editing Certificate, Simon Fraser University). I've also dabbled in the sciences (BSc, Physics; MSc, Neuroscience). Despite my love of science, I am not looking to edit your story into a formula; I am looking to meet your story where it is at and work with your voice and your vision.

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